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How much does a real estate lead cost?

As a real estate agent, finding clients and nurturing them is a difficult task. However, it is even more difficult when you do not know how to. Leads are potential clients and they could be found anywhere beginning with your network, open houses, and referrals, while it might be reliable, it can only last you so long in your career. Luckily, with the growth in technology, real estate companies have resolved to the internet. They offer lead generation services online, targeting agents and assisting them in acquiring leads and nurturing them to long term clients.

How lead generation works

This video shows how to create ads that are going to lure people into your website or landing page. Your creativity is what is key in creating these ads. After a lead clicks the ad and is directed your landing page, the conversation rate of the page and your sales skills will get you an appointment and hopefully a client.

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Cost Per Lead

There being various markets in the real estate business means different costs for leads for every market. The fast the market, the lower the cost per lead and the slower the market, the higher the cost per lead. This feature can be attributed to the demand and supply of real estate. The cost of a lead would range from $15 to $75 throughout these markets, the average price across the board is $35 and $40.

Lead generation is a great way to get yourself clients but only if you understand it best and know how to use to your maximum advantage. For example, you should know when to double down or stop using it depending on the customer acquisition cost (CAC). This is acquired by multiplying the cost per appointment by the close ration. If the return on investment (ROI) is three times or less, it means you do not get the maximum by using lead generation and should stop, however, if your ROI is five times the customer acquisition cost, you should invest more in your lead generation.

How to effectively use lead generation platforms

To be successful inside sales agent or ISA real estate, you need to be persistent, persuasive and to understand your clients need. Every client wants to be seen and prioritized, using lead generation, ensure that once you find a lead, you contact them as soon as possible. You can use email or even call them and take your time knowing who they are and what they are looking for, that way, they will find more interest in you and your services.

Look for a lead generation tool that will not only build you a website for your real estate business but will also help manage your ads and if possible automate emails or text messages to new leads immediately after they click the ads. This will help increase your CAC due to reduced time of response. http://realestateleadgenerationcompanies.com/about/

Internet is the best new business platform and as customers embrace and take advantage of it, realtors should also hop on board, else they won’t be able to catch up in the future.

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