Ten Books You Should Read

Good books give us a glimpse into the minds of great men and women. Reading books transforms our lives in enormous ways, and these are some ten books to read.

The Monk-Who-Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma

This book by Mr. Sharma approaches the idealisms of success and wealth in a rather unique way, giving deep insights into business and life in general. It shows the reader the necessary mentality and attitude required for success in life.
The book further details how a deliberate plan and unconventionally enthusiastic attitude are crucial for success.

Dreams From-My-Father’ by Barack Obama

In this book, Mr. Obama takes the reader through a detailed journey of his life. He gives practical life advice on success and dreams. It is one of the great books to read for anyone who has dreams and wants advice on how to achieve them.
This one of Obama’s famous sayings from the book:

Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill

It is a classic, self-help book that gives hands-on advice on how to make money, focusing on the mental dispositions and beliefs that are necessary for creating wealth. Napoleon draws from his own life experiences to share with the reader what it takes to have money work for you.

Gifted Hands’ by Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

Dr. Carson begins by detailing his early in downtown Detroit, and the great work he had to put in become one of the most respected neurosurgeons in the world. He emphasizes on the power of time management, insight, honesty, hard work among others as necessary ingredients to success.

Rich Dad, Poor-Dad’by Robert Kiyosaki

This book addresses the issue of wealth and how the right mentality and strategy can help one achieve success in life, specifically financial success. It is more practical than theoretical, giving the reader a lot of valuable life advice.
The following image is a summary of the major ideas in this book:

Awaken The Giant-Within’by Tony Robbins

Mr.Robbins, having carved a niche for himself as a seasoned speaker, gives insights on how one can take advantage of the great potential that lies within them to achieve their goals in life. The book insists on the great resources available within us which, if tapped, have profound power.

As A Man-Thinketh’by James Allen

It explores the great potential of the human mind and the power of thoughts to shape our lives. James emphasizes on the need to lead a healthy thought life, on the importance of positive mental attitudes and how we ultimately determine our destinies based on the thoughts we entertain each day.

Every Day-a-Friday’by Joel Osteen

This book revolves around the idea of taking advantage of every day and moment, recognizing life as a gift and living it with gratitude and joy. Anyone who reads this book will have a more enthusiastic approach to life and be able to live a fuller life,

Talent Is-Overrated’by Geoff Colvin,

In this book, Geoffdispels the myth that talent is enough to achieve one’s dreams. Mr. Colvin emphasizes on the importance of working smart, setting goals and staying focused as crucial elements of success in life. It is a great book for anyone hoping to achieve great goals.

The Powerof-Habit’ by Charles Duhigg

Mr. Duhigg tells of the immense potential of our daily, seemingly insignificant habits to shape our lives. He advised that it is important to develop good and productive habits because in the long run, it is these habits that will shape us.

There’s a general saying that goes, ‘leaders are readers’. But in order to fully actualize our ambitions, we must delve deeper into the world of books and read insatiably, and widely.

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